Quick Off The Mark Productions to close in February 2016


quick off the mark productions


On October 14 2015, we announced that Quick Off The Mark Productions will be closing in February 2016, after six years.

The decision comes after director, Mark Ferguson, announced his intention to move to Canada early next year. Fellow director, Chris Quick, decided against seeking a new director for the company to continue, opting instead to work on a freelance basis.

Since our company launched on 9 October 2009, we have been involved in various aspects of filmmaking such as live sport events, weddings, corporate videos even released our first feature film ‘In Search of La Che’ in 2011. We have also enjoyed success with its short films which have competed at festivals across the globe.

It was our intension that the company would play a main part in the filming of ‘Autumn Never Dies’, the planned sequel to our 2012 film, ‘The Greyness of Autumn’ These duties will now be passed on to its collaborative partners, Pentagram Productions UK and Suited Caribou Media.

Between now and February we will be slowly winding down our company and begin to sell off our equipment. If you are interested in obtaining a list of the equipment available to buy, please contact us at info@quickoffthemark.com

We will post an update again in January 2016.